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This page offers my original papers and guides, my most frequently shared technical materials (TOOLBOX tags), and links to foundational material created by others. Publications is a shorter list, focused on my main writings.

Inviting Agility is the New Way of Working

Open Space Gets People Moving

  • Inviting Leadership Guide – all my most frequently shared Open Space papers and tools in a single document (includes executive summary, guided tour, invitation writing, script, templates, checklists, and other resources for facilitators and meeting sponsors)
  • – the leading global OS website (I started in 1999)
  • Brief User’s Guide – Harrison Owen’s original “how to” paper
  • TOOLBOX: Open Space Proceedings Samples + Templates – useful as case stories and as documentation templates
  • TOOLBOX: Ongoing Open Space – rules for ongoing OS, developed at University of Kentucky Rural Health Center, posted in my wiki workspace notes.
  • TOOLBOX: (forthcoming) After Open Space – how to turn conference proceedings into strategic roadmap and ongoing open/agile practice
  • TOOLBOX: Extensive Open Space practice notes – indexed in my workspace wiki over many years

Kanban Makes Work Visible and Optimizes Flow

Scrum Makes Delivering Value Iterative and Dependable

Enterprise Scrum Visualizes and Agilizes at Scale

  • TOOLBOX: Canvas Templates – two basic canvas formats, to strategize, plan and execute any kind of work, at any scale, with a number of adaptations for getting started.
  • TOOLBOX: Overlapping Cadences – David Sacks’ (PayPal, Yammer) “Cadences” framework is the “timing” that’s implied in Mike Beedle’s Enterprise Scrum canvases.
  • TOOLBOX: User Story Mapping – make product thinking and customer experience visible. see also StoryMap and UserStory quick reference guides.
  • TOOLBOX: Draw Toast – quick team exercise as introduction to visualizing work, see also Story Mapping below.

Participative Design Reshapes Organization Structure for Agility

More on Agile Strategy, Structure, Practice and Mindset

  • Zone to Win, Moore – [book] [notes]
  • Radical Management, Denning – [book] [notes]
  • BOSSA Nova for Company-wide Agility, Eckstein/Buck – [book]  [video]
  • Distributed Teams, Rothman/Kilby – advanced agile practice for working remotely [book]
  • Design Thinking – rapid, customer-centric, prototype learning – [Stanford/Resources]
  • Beyond Budgeting – financial flexibility for driving business adaptation – [principles]
  • The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, Goldratt – [book] [notes]

Inviting Facilitation

If a living system [organism, organization or ecosystem] is unhealthy, the way to make it more healthy is to reconnect it with more of itself. –Francisco Varela