Experience for Developing Organization

Finally, we meet. I’m Michael Herman. Thank you for visiting and scrolling this far. I hope you’re finding something useful here.

I’ve been inviting agility and high performance, with clients and colleagues on six continents, for more than 30 years.  In 1990, I was the rare Outward Bound instructor with an MBA in Finance from a big name b-school. Since then, I’ve become a recognized teacher and facilitator of emergent self-organization, team learning, and enterprise agility.

My passion has always been discovering, understanding, and sharing better ways of organizing ourselves for work. The “Inviting Organization” I described in this website, in 1998, is still a useful guide to what is emerging today as “business agility.”

What I now call Inviting Agility weaves together the important principles and powerful practices that are transforming organizations and informing startups everywhere. Why Invite Agility?

I support fellow leaders and champions, innovators and learners, disrupters and transformers. Please have a look around – and contact me if I can help with whatever you’re working on.

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