I’ve been inviting and supporting transformation, with clients and colleagues on six continents, for more than 30 years.  The common threads are bringing people together and getting stuff done – getting the old work done easier and making new things possible.

In 1990, I was an Outward Bound wilderness course instructor with an MBA in Finance from a top-ranked business school. Since then, I’ve been recognized for my teaching, writing and facilitation of self-organization, team learning, and enterprise agility.

A tenacious learner, I get pretty excited about discovering, sharing and co-developing better ways of working together on things that matter. The “Inviting Organization” I first described in this website, in 1998, is still a useful roadmap for the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

My work with clients connects time-tested principles and leading edge practices — for transforming established organizations, engaging networks and communities, and guiding energetic startups.

I serve as a strategic partner to leaders and champions, innovators and learners, disrupters and transformers. Please have a look around – and contact me if I can help you cut a more direct path to the outcomes you really want.

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