Catalyzing Research Action in Exposomics

This might be the longest Open Space “event” I’ve facilitated. The National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) convened an 8-week, 400-participant, 7-event open space series and summit, all online, to advance formation of new field and catalyze research action (2022). Six “workshops” were followed closely by a 3-day summit for a smaller group to further refine the way forward on major working themes.

Workshop Series Invitation
Accelerating Precision Environmental Health: Demonstrating the Value of the Exposome

Full Series Proceedings (written by the participants)
Catalyzing Exposome Research Action [pdf]

September 2022 Report
Workshop series signals turning point for exposome research
More than 400 researchers gathered to plan how to move from defining the exposome to actively studying it.

October 2022 Update
Progress in exposomics, precision health made at scientific summit
Exposome community of practice to be developed, strategic planning under way.

January 2023 Update
Transforming the understanding of human health and disease
Researchers identify 76 environmental exposures associated with type 2 diabetes using innovative precision environmental health framework.

“One of the key outcomes from the workshop series was to collect data to help formulate an operational model on how to conduct experiments in exposomics. There was a consensus to establish a community of practice to guide best practices and enable coordination among various exposome efforts.”