Inviting Agility

Inviting Agility helps any kind of enterprise – corporate or community, startup or silo’d, from team room to C-suite – grow more, better and easier results:

  • create more satisfied customers and engaged employees,
  • invite faster and smarter innovation and adaptation,
  • produce more value for owners and stakeholders, and
  • make a bigger social and environmental impact.   

There is more in you – your team, organization and community – than you think.  Inviting Agility calls it out, makes it visible, and aligns everyone around accomplishing the things that matter most.  Notice what’s working. Let’s make more of that.

Together, we can create fully-engaged all hands meetings, translate the results into roadmaps your teams can rally around, and cultivate the enterprise-wide cadences and practices you need to hit your marks – faster and easier than you’d expect.

A Framework for Resilience

Inviting Agility can help you respond quickly and effectively to any kind of change or disruption – in spite of everything.  It’s a framework for resilience: engagement, learning, transformation, adaptation, scaling and growth.

Cycle Practice: Invite Everyone Who Cares, Visualize Everything, Prioritize and Refine, Commit and Deliver, Review and Improve, Rinse and Repeat.
  • Mobilize Everyone to Respond Together (open some space)
  • Visualize Everything to Plan and Manage Effectively (create a canvas or marketplace)
  • Work Incrementally to Deliver Dependably (synchronize cadences)
  • Learn Together to Improve, Replicate, Scale and Evolve (review, refine, repeat)

This simple, powerful approach is immediately practical with the people and resources you already have. It works with all of the outcomes you need to achieve (your high performance) and everything that’s getting in the way (your permanent whitewater).

Start with one or a few teams. Link product and marketing, sales and finance, in reinforcing cycles. Connect supporting functions. For best results, leaders go first.

Support for High Performance

Anything is possible. Increase engagement and improve performance. Manage change and growth. Accelerate learning and transformation.  

Gain PerspectiveContact me to schedule a 30-, 60- or 90-minute conversation about your work, goals and challenges. Let’s talk about priorities and possibilities.

Mobilize People – Invite and engage any size group (from 5-500+ people) in a wildly productive conference, summit, retreat or other strategic or tactical meeting. The more complexity, diversity and urgency, the better. We pioneered large online meetings in 2015, by the way!

Increase Agility – Accelerate learning, adaptation, transformation and growth, from the C-suite to the team rooms, to improve customer experience, employee morale, business value and social impact.

Leverage Resources – Do more with the people, tools and other resources you already have. Support champions, engage innovators, coordinate efforts, catalyze experiments. Learn and improve while you’re getting real work done.

Surf the Chaos – Managing change, leading transformation, scaling for growth – it’s all about staying aligned and keeping your head above water! Stay on top of everything, all at once, with simple, powerful approaches that support best work across the enterprise.

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Experience for Developing Organization

Finally, we meet. I’m Michael Herman. Thank you for visiting and scrolling this far. I hope you’re finding something useful here.

I’ve been inviting agility and high performance, with clients and colleagues on six continents, for more than 30 years.  In 1990, I was the rare Outward Bound instructor with an MBA in Finance from a big name b-school. Since then, I’ve become a recognized teacher and facilitator of emergent self-organization, team learning, and enterprise agility.

My passion has always been discovering, understanding, and sharing better ways of organizing ourselves for work. The “Inviting Organization” I described in this website, in 1998, is still a useful guide to what is emerging today as “business agility.”

What I now call Inviting Agility weaves together the important principles and powerful practices that are transforming organizations and informing startups everywhere. Why Invite Agility?

I support fellow leaders and champions, innovators and learners, disrupters and transformers. Please have a look around – and contact me if I can help with whatever you’re working on.

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Resources for Working Together

The Resources Library offers original guides, papers, checklists and practice tools. There’s a small heap of other important foundational materials for those who want to go deeper.

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I work as process designer, facilitator, teacher, consultant and coach.

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