A Framework for Resilience

Inviting Agility can help you respond quickly and effectively to any kind of change or disruption – in spite of everything.  It’s a framework for resilience: engagement, learning, transformation, adaptation, scaling and growth.

Cycle Practice: Invite Everyone Who Cares, Visualize Everything, Prioritize and Refine, Commit and Deliver, Review and Improve, Rinse and Repeat.
  • Mobilize Everyone to Respond Together (open some space)
  • Visualize Everything to Plan and Manage Effectively (create a canvas or marketplace)
  • Work Incrementally to Deliver Dependably (synchronize cadences)
  • Learn Together to Improve, Replicate, Scale and Evolve (review, refine, repeat)

This simple, powerful framework is immediately practical. Start with one or a few teams. Link product and marketing, sales and finance, in reinforcing cycles. Connect supporting functions. For best results, leaders go first.