A Framework for Resilience

Inviting Agility can help you respond quickly and effectively to any kind of change or disruption – in spite of everything.  It’s a framework for resilience: engagement, learning, transformation, adaptation, scaling and growth.

Cycle Practice: Invite Everyone Who Cares, Visualize Everything, Prioritize and Refine, Commit and Deliver, Review and Improve, Rinse and Repeat.
  • Mobilize Everyone to Respond Together (open some space)
  • Visualize Everything to Plan and Manage Effectively (create a canvas or marketplace)
  • Work Incrementally to Deliver Dependably (synchronize cadences)
  • Learn Together to Improve, Replicate, Scale and Evolve (review, refine, repeat)

This simple, powerful approach is immediately practical with the people and resources you already have. It works with all of the outcomes you need to achieve (your high performance) and everything that’s getting in the way (your permanent whitewater).

Start with one or a few teams. Link product and marketing, sales and finance, in reinforcing cycles. Connect supporting functions. For best results, leaders go first.