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Radical Management: Reinventing the Workplace for the 21st Century

Steve Denning (

Brief Notes

Seven Principles of Radical Management

  1. focus work on delighting clients/customers (delight)
  2. do the work in self-organizing teams (agency, responsibility)
  3. do work in client-driven iterations (approximations)
  4. delivering value to clients in each iteration (min WIP, feedback)
  5. radical transparency (esp. impediments, improvements)
  6. create context for continuous self-improvement by teams
  7. interactive communication (stories, questions, conversations v. directives, mandates)

RM Principles represent/require/invite

Common Experience, Ideal

Traditional Management treated as inevitable, timeless truths of universe, but RM reexamines these. Socio-economic conditions that required these ways of working have changed:

Four Major Changes

Old Assumptions

Some Key Attributes/Effects? of RM

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