What People Say

What’s it like to work with me?

Here’s what other people have said in unsolicited emails I’ve received from clients, colleagues, and workshop participants, sometimes many years after working together…

…I tell them Michael Herman is one of those people you meet once and never forget, the kind of person you have one conversation with and it changes your life. –VP, Strategic Planning and Customer Excellence, Engineering Software

…you really know how to bring people together. –Business Owner, Chicago

…I appreciate your observing, articulating, living with, and working to change deep patterns …in yourself, in the groups you work with, in the world …and that you take relationships more seriously than anything else. –Project Partner, San Francisco


…you are the spirit of invitation, embodied. You created a kind of space, where I was able to spill out all the pieces of my story. You easily perceived the potential invitations and gave me a direct and encouraging experience of how inspiration and order emerges rapidly from a bit of chaos! –Assistant Dean, Washington

…our conversation was one of those signature events in my life. I’m not sure that I have words to articulate what changed, but in short, I began to understand at a gut level what large systems are all about–Business Professor, Chicago (five years after we talked)

Thanks for organizing a remarkable board meeting. I have been on countless for-profit and non-profit boards, but this type of working board meeting is unique in my experience. The best board meeting experience I have ever had.  –Board Member and CEO

…my work has more meaning. The number of connections I made (in two days!) would have taken me four months under normal circumstances. Now I can help put ideas to work. It is no longer talk. Action will be taken. PASSION has been ignited. –Statewide Summit Participant

Our National Meeting was a roaring success, many said our best ever, universally appreciated and praised.  I’m deeply grateful to feel the power within our organization and to have the seed of our new culture self-organize and take hold. –Internal OD/Learning Specialist

Thank you for helping make yesterday’s meeting an unqualified success. We should consider adopting this format for every meeting. It can be something our group is known for. There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the room. – Entrepreneur and Network Organizer, Chicago

I’m just back from facilitating my first meeting and want to tell you how much I value your coaching. Your input boosted my confidence and my skill. And I had fun! Your coaching on the phone was the best workshop I never attended! –Consultant, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Michael Herman’s work has been most useful – with others like Meg Wheatley, David Bohm, Pema Chodron, Otto Scharmer, and Peter Senge – in helping to map the new territory I find myself in. Consultant, Vancouver BC

Many thanks, Michael. Time to act. –Workshop Participant, Hong Kong

Michael…the seed that you planted has grown into many plants with many practitioners active in Singapore. The charts you left behind are still with me! (nearly ten years later) — Internal Learning Champion, International Law Firm 

Another big thank you for the exciting and expansive dialogue during our coaching session. There have been immediate results. I am sure that this happened because you helped me see alternatives and I allowed the possibilities to emerge in the group.  –Consultant and Facilitator, Chicago

I used the concepts immediately, in an innovation session with a product development group. It worked beautifully. They did not come up with any of the common, usual and expected ideas. They really went beyond the ordinary. So even in small doses, it works! –Internal OD Consultant, Chicago

Please keep sharing your experiences. It gives us tremendous energy. I have opened space in all my workshops since the Mumbai workshop October and it has really been well received. It has been working wonders… with doctors, nurses and others. –Consultant, Mumbai, India


I am so honored to know a peacemaker who gives his life in the service of greater peace in the world. Thank you for your commitment and contribution to Life. –Director and Executive Coach, Chicago

You run a wonderful workshop… I had a great experience! Learning by doing is always the way to go and this was no exception. I feel pretty confident going into this week’s meeting, where I will use what I learned right away.  –Director, Teaching Excellence Academy, Chicago

It worked spectacularly at our division meeting. Twenty minutes after the start of day two, four work groups were deep in the work, with unexpected junior individuals standing at flip charts, driving the discussions. A“home run!” Thanks for all your help and insights. –VP, Consulting and Education, Boston