A Framework for Resilience

Inviting Agility can help you respond quickly and effectively to any kind of change or disruption – in spite of everything.  This is the root of resilience. This is expeditionary learning, adaptive leadership, and evolution at work.

Cycle Practice: Invite Everyone Who Cares, Visualize Everything, Prioritize and Refine, Commit and Deliver, Review and Improve, Rinse and Repeat.
  • Mobilize Everyone to Respond Together (open some space)
  • Visualize Everything to Plan and Manage Effectively (create a canvas or marketplace)
  • Work Incrementally to Deliver Dependably (commit to a cadence of small wins)
  • Learn Together to Improve, Replicate, Scale and Evolve (community of practice)

This simple, powerful, immediately practical framework can take you anywhere you want or need to go. The resources offered here can help.