Worksheets and Checklists for Practice

Let’s talk if you need to find any of these things before it appears here.

Pre-Work for Phone/Video Consultation

Use the following forms to get ready to talk about a specific situation you’re currently working on or want to begin. These forms will lead you through key questions and email your notes to both of us.

  • Open Space meeting, retreat, summit, conference (onsite, offsite, online)
  • Enterprise Scrum Canvas work for start-up, planning, delivery, transformation, etc.
  • Two-column starter canvas – simplest Canvas that could possibly work

If a living system [think organism, organization or ecosystem] is unhealthy, the way to make it more healthy is to reconnect it with more of itself. –Francisco Varela

Worksheets for Working in Open Space

  • Open Space template for writing invitations
  • Open Space checklist for meeting/event planning (from Inviting Leadership Guide)
  • Sample Opening Script, annotated with options and rationale for various parts
  • Template for capturing notes in Open Space events
  • Template for Open Space proceedings documents
  • Rules for Ongoing Open Space

Worksheets for Getting Started with a Canvas

  • Business Agility Canvas – incremental planning, collaboration, management and deliveryTwo-column starter canvas – simplest canvas that could possibly work
  • Standard Canvas (for one or more teams managing scaling or portfolio program)
  • Powerpoint/GoogleSlides implementation
  • Trello and other online canvas implementations
  • Enterprise-wide, multi-canvas networked organization
  • Six Criteria for Productive Work – powerful, repeatable analysis for team retrospectives
  • Seven Momentums – a light-weight, go-anywhere framework for agile team assessment
  • EnterpriseScrumCanvases – googlesheet with many different ES canvas templates (view only – contact me if you need to download your own copy)

Teaching Tools

Examples of Open Space Proceedings (from documents to websites)