Enterprise Scrum Canvas Templates

Here are the two canvases I use most often to strategize, plan and execute, in what Mike Beedle used to call “All-at-Once Management.” I’ve never seen a group not make important leaps and learnings when they made a genuine effort to learn and apply one of these canvases to their work.

Each has an outer “Environment” frame and an inner “System” frame, wrapped around the team(s) primary work. Only the shape of the Primary Work is different. See my Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility Guide for how to work with them.

Use the Scaling Canvas for working across multiple teams or delivering interdependent components or value propositions:

Use thePortfolio Canvas for managing a set of independent businesses, business units, value propositions, projects or initiatives:

In specialized domains like compliance, marketing, sales and human resources we can drop custom/hybrid forms into the center to manage the primary work.

These canvases are adapted from Mike Beedle’s Enterprise Scrum and Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas. See the Library for more on ES and BMC.