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This invitation went out by hand and by bulletin board postings at schools and youth centers. It's the beginning of one of my favorite Open Space stories. The full story of what happened is part of the Inviting Organization collection under the title of Youth Action: Organizing in Open Space or click here: YouthActionRacineStory.

Sustainable Racine - Community Renewal Project - Racine Wisconsin

What Would the Racine Region Look Like If Young People Helped Shape a Sustainable Future?

Sustainable Racine is an initiative to create a better future for the Racine region. Young people, like all others, have significant roles to play, many of which are still to be created. Many civicly active adults know youth involvement and participation are important. However, few are very successful in inviting it.

Sustainable Racine has begun with a committed group of volunteers, mostly adults. It is time to grow the circle. How can you help Sustainable Racine be successful in involving all kinds of young people in building a more sustainable Racine?

Please join a group of young leaders to help them design a strategy.

We'll meet at The Johnson Foundation's Wingspread conference center, 33 East Four Mile Road on Thursday, December 11, 1997. We'll start at 4pm and end promptly at 8pm. Dinner will be served.

Because space is limited to the first 50 who respond, please call Brian Reilly at The Johnson Foundation at... to reserve your space before December 5th.

Co-sponsored by: Racine Community Coalition for Youth - Sustainable Racine - Univ. of Wisconsin-Parkside's Center for Community Partnerships - Youth as Resources - The Johnson Foundation

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