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WANTED: Small Change Blogging Partners

The last week of silence here belies all of the work I've been doing behind the scenes, mostly at, where that emergent online community of 5000 has been trying to decide what to do with $25,000. Some just want to post up some projects and vote. Others, like me, have been designing various ways of leveraging the existing eBay-style feedback points reputation system into a self-organizing, self-funding community micro philanthropy system. Some fantastic people there and still not sure if it is a place to do real work yet.

Reflecting on my last couple weeks of intense work there, I am more clear than ever about some things:

    * Small groups are the bedrock, clarity and funding will follow soon enough
    * Smaller, immediate next steps will get us where we want and need to go
    * Actors and Activities are more important than projects, proposals and organizations
    * Tags are important, is amazing, and I've no clue (yet) how to use it here
    * Whatever we create to support the kind of world we want, it has to scale to the largest whole
    * Sleep is not a luxury.

sCNN wants and needs to have partners! This blog wants to be a team blogging project on the way to going totally public. If you'd like to be part of a smallish (but growing) group of passionate and responsible Actors, blogging small change Activities together so that I can get more sleep and finish building basic framing and infrastructure here, email me now!

Looking forward to welcoming friends and partners to this space, and spending more time around here myself, as well.

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