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Agile Requirements: User Stories, Backlogs, and Adaptive Planning (via Mary Gordon, Agile2016) [two-minute video summary] [full session video]

Discover + Deliver

Three most common challenges:

The Structured Conversation

Adaptive Planning

Right Requirements

Sizing/Estimating? (via Mike Marchi)

Story Splitting (via Chris Sims at Agile2016,

As a <type of stakeholder>, I want <the deliverable>, so that <some value is created> (who, what, why)

four techniques to split stories

  1. conjunctions and connector words - e.g. AND: i want this AND that => two stories
  2. generic words - break classes like “vehicle” down into planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, trikes => one story per vehicle type
  3. acceptance criteria - get specific about what general adjectives mean (romantic dinner becomes candles, entrees, music, wine, dress, etc) => as a <stakeholder>, i want <acceptance criteria>, so that <value created>
  4. timeline analysis - identify steps in timeline... i want to checkout becomes i want to see my cart, confirm items and prices in cart, enter shipping info, enter payment info... => as a <stakeholder>, i want <timeline step>, so that i can <keep moving toward value> ...and also... as <someone with stuff in my cart>, i want <a shopping cart icon on every page>, so i can <start the checkout process from anywhere>.

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