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Opening the Heart of Organization: By Invitation Only

(sometimes also referred to as Decolonizing the Mind of Organization)

    1. Open Space as Organization Transformation (context, where OS came from, OpenSpaceTechnology/ExecutiveSummary? crossroads article?)
    2. OpenSpaceTechnology/FrequentlyToldStories - stories (soundbites) about real open space events
    3. OpenSpaceTechnology/GuidedTour
    4. InvitingOrganizationEmerges
    5. OpenSpaceTechnology/InvitingOrganizationAddendum - stories about evolution in real organizations and communities
    6. SomaticOrganization? ...the Bowen Island story
    7. OpenSpaceTechnology as heart practice => other heart practices (list)
    8. hands as extrusions of heart and practice as refining the alignment between inner and outer...

    1. the awareness and alignment of self and other, inner and outer, one and many
    2. [ZapchenSomatics] - mutuality, humming, alignment
    3. PatternLanguage
    4. AustrianEconomics
    5. zero point research in physics and psychology
    6. HeartMath?
    7. wiki software [UseMod]
    8. Richard Geer stories and telling in org/community
    9. online open space
    10. NaturopathicHealth? in the workplace
    11. synergetics - susan fehl
    12. ToxicEmotionsAtWork - managing/healing organizational toxicity
    13. Debra Meyerson - Tempered Radicals
    14. voice recognition software - refining the pulse b/w inner and outer
    15. NonViolentCommunication
    16. PolarityManagement
    17. GlobalChicagoGarden? - growing online marketplace
    18. AssetBasedCommunityDevelopment
    19. AppreciativeInquiry
    20. StrategicQuestions
    21. meditation/yoga
    22. natl coalition for dialogue and deliberation
    23. chp - peoria health project
    24. MassageTherapyChicago?
    25. [StateOfGraceDocument]
    26. davidson's brain research in madison

    1. julie's definition... naturally arising when let other beings be as real to me as i am to myself
    2. open space 'passion bounded by responsibility' ...four principles and one law
    3. jack ricchiutto's definition... saved blog posting
    4. tibetan hhdl definition

    1. the support economy
    2. corp compassion suceeding with care, james lynch
    3. ed oakley, enlightened leadership

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