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Agile Practices for Everybody - Not Just Developers

Notes from Tim Ottinger’s Agile 2016 Presentation

Demonstration Exercises:

  1. hashtag and 9 digits with increasing # of rules
  2. 7-minute sprint with couple hundred tasks for 80-100 ppts
  3. crossword-building challenge

Idea #1: The work is in the thinking, not the typing.

Idea #2: Agile is about *delivering* value.

Idea #3: We don’t “do more.” We don’t “go faster.” We deliver *sooner.*

Idea #4: Capacity (velocity) is a consequence, not a choice.

Idea #5: A feature is “done” when it’s not the most important thing anymore.

Idea #6: Agile methods are empirical.

Idea #7: Agile is an alternative, advantageous ruleset (AKA: “cheating”) Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential.

Idea #8: If something is hard, we do it more often and automate it do death.

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