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 Ted Ernst
 2149 W. Ohio
 Chicago IL 60612 USA
 http://www.tedernst.com (blog)

In my day job I run a housing program for youth aging out of the Illinois child welfare system. My volunteer job is with the Humanist Movement, working to create a world with the human being as the central value. I like the idea of a giving conference because it implies that we all have something to give. Sure, the funders can give, but I'm more interested in what each person can give, without delaying action until approved by funders. Let's get to work on our individual passions, together!

7:33a on Day 1 of the Conference. I'm at home, just having woken up. Thinking about getting myself ready for this day. Not sure how anything that I'm about to do will make me any more ready than I already am. Last night's gathering in the park was truly fantastic. I met about a third of the total expected conference attendees and am really looking forward to more conversations of many kinds. Several distinct parts of my life promise to be involved in the next 2.5 days. I'm excited!
8:07a on Day 2 - reminder to self to update own wiki at http://www.chicagohumanist.org especially with documents for Cliff and Chris who kept me up far too late last night (okay, okay, it's true, I admit it wasn't their fault! :-)

documents are now on my new blog at http://tedernst.com

What is the essence?


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