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This page is the beginning of a space for developing a proposal for creating an expandable and sustainable web of /PublicNetworkingCenters? (vitural and physical) with the intention of egaging local citizens (youth and adults)to contribute locally, while registering local participants and partners to connect with networks within and outside the given community. The ultimate aim is to /Uplift? a shared organizing space known a /CommunityCommons? where contributions, giving and governance occur for the common good.

You are invited to participate and partner with the developers of this proposal. We are a growing community of people and projects that came together to support something we could not do alone! Many of us have met at meetings, conferences and events organized and conviened by ordinary people who care enough to help each other to make something extraordinary happen for the benifit of all. We seek lurkers, talkers and doers who care and are concerned about the wellbeing of all humans and other living systems on this planet. As participants and partners (individual entities and mission statements) we seek to develop and actualize ways to support personal and social growth locally and worldwide that faciliates what's valued, needed and wanted for the common good.

All thatís required to participate is that we each agree to use and hold each other accountable for egaging in the following organizational purpose and organizing principles designed for Giving & Contribution to Flourish in an open, safe, participatory environment.

It is our hope that our purpose and principles will lead to a shared:

We invite new participants and partners to join us at: E-list at: XXX Discussions at: XXX. Month Phone Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month for the purpose of staying connected and updated on each others good works at: XXX.

The goal of this proposal is to define, design and deliver a business plan to support capacity building and needed infrastructure to support, engage and sustain local people, communities, networks and collborators to do this good work.

The proposal will be delivered to:

  1. /Local? Organizers
  2. /CommunityCenters?
  3. /NetworkOfCenters?

The Organizer

About who are the local partners who will...

The Center

Centers are individuals and shared spaces that facilitate local people to engage, contribute, donate, organize and facilitate community-driven activities for the common good. Centers are connected to both virtual and physical sites (be it on-line or at local meetig spaces such as a coffeehouse, someoneís living room or a more formal environment). Centers organize around a /SharedPurpose? and /ACommonSetOfOrganizingPrinciples? with the intention of growing local membership connected to other networks within and outside the given community. The center serves as an invitation to participate in an open inclusive, safe space where it is easy to help each other to do something.

who visits?
why do they come?
what do they do?

at the center
Centers can offer shared supports such as:
* A media campaign
* Market places
* Facilitators of the Common Good
* Networks of non-profits, educators, communities, governments
* Social venture banks
* A library

after they leave
in the community
what effect does that have?
on them
on the community
on the center or network
where is this already happening?
why is this not sufficient?
what is needed
...to start a center
...to start the network
other things

The Network

What does the network of centers look like...

The Owners

purpose, principles, ownership, decisions, etc...


Are a group of folks with... tremendous experience with a variety of leading edge /EngagementTools?.


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