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Michael Herman

Michael Herman Associates
300 West North Avenue #1105
Chicago IL 60610 USA



I organize, facilitate, and document the results of conferences, retreats, meetings and workshops that bring (larger groups of) people together and to address our most important corporate and community issues. I make simple websites and offer free space to those who want to work together and get things done. What's your passion? ...and what can we do about it now, and together?

Just wanted to make sure you saw this: http://www.omidyar.net/group/community-general/news/8/65/

Kinda fits in with the whole GivingMarket thing, doesn't it?

Here's a followup to the earlier message: http://www.omidyar.net/group/community-general/news/8/67/ No worries if you're not over there much. I'm there and will keep things linked as much as I can. That's great that all your stuff is at the Interra site now. Very cool.

By the way, do you know about eBay's MissionFish?? http://www.missionfish.org/About/aboutebay.jsp

What's up with http://www.michaelherman.com/cgi/givingwiki.cgi?action=history&id=GivingMarket between midnight and 12:30 tonight? Tons of changes from one IP. I can't figure it out.

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