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Inviting Friends and Partners is a periodic (weekly or bi-weekly) conference call for those of us who wish to support each other in our personal development (internal work) and work in the world (social action).


Since I'm not doing so well keeping this page updated, perhaps it would be better to simply link to a page that is updated regularly: http://www.omidyar.net/group/psc/ws/Conference%20Calls/

All are welcome! The first part of the call will be for personal work. This week we will be sharing personal experiences related to one of the Principles of Valid Action. In future weeks the personal work could be about any topic or principles from somewhere else (the values of omidyar.net, for example). The second part of the call be to organize any applicable ways to help each other with our work in the world (making appointments, asking for and giving suggestions, etc).

We invite you to participate in the formation of a new group, interconnecting circles of people who are linked by a shared desire to overcome human suffering. Help us establish and create this formational team, organizational network, that is dedicated to expanding and inviting.

We share:

We are:

We support:

Details and structural clarity and next meeting steps and practices will show up here as they are discovered and able to be documented


bin of work - current issues and open questions and things to do together

Meeting Format:

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shorter URL of this page for emailing purposes: http://tinyurl.com/4ch6t
This Wiki is open to all friends and partners to co-create together.


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