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The first conference call was Monday July 26. This page is to coordinate future conference calls and post minutes and agendas.

The agenda for the first call is accessible in the email list archive at http://emergingfutures.blueoxen.net/forums/giving/2004-07/msg00047.html. A suggested practice is to post the agenda and minutes to this Wiki and link those pages below. Schedule and coordination details should be on the agenda page.

Our "regular" call for anyone from the June session (or additions to list
since) is again second Tues of the month as determined on Sept call.
Details follow.  Please remember times are EASTERN DAYLIGHT

Tuesday October 12, 3:00-4:30 EDT

Call-in Info  1-661-705-2000
Access Code 450316

Ruthann Prange made arrangements - agenda open.  Only plan at this point is
round-robin check-in.  What's up for you?  Offers or requests.  FYIs re:
your work or other activities/events of interest.

RSVP not necessary, but replying to Prange or all will let folks know your
plans.  Please advise if you hae definite items to propose for agenda
and/or info to share prior to call.

Wish some of you were around for me to watch and discuss debate with


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