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As a result of the Giving Conference in Chicago, what new projects/ideas/orgainizations/alliances were conceived and are now in movement? This space is evidence of the effectiveness of opening space for giving to flourish... how has the flourishing potential of your giving increased since the conference?

Action items from the last day of the conference... (copied from ConferenceProceedings page)

Post-Conference Actions and Results...

...I learned a tremendous amount at the Giving Space conversation. I came home and immediately took some new initiative with my own projects, such as getting my web designers working on converting the front page of http://www.thephilanthropicenterprise.org to a blog rather than a static page (which I hadn't been updating at all). What happens there will grow from my ability to engage one or two more people in various smaller projects that I am already working on to make them better.

I have to strongly resist the desire to be everywhere and do everything. Priorities are important and help us actually get some things done. And it thrills me to proceed working on my own small space in the world better informed about what others are doing, how I can link up with them when desirable, and to have confidence that I'm not alone out here and that there are other projects that might attract my time and energy at some point that would be even better uses of these resources under my scope of responsibility. That might be enough.

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